Monday, November 3, 2008

I can't believe a month has gone by without an other post post expressing gratitude for the lives given us to live. I had visions of a date every 3rd, for every day a 3 appeared a space for thanksgiving. Perhaps then this month.

I am so easily annoyed by my family. Yes, it had to come out; I had to admit it: I do not always want to be the wife and mother of this little family. I have tried many different things to curb my annoyance and many different things have failed. And so on days when I am clenching my teeth and ordering my life with my shoulders pulled to my ears, I have found that taking a few minutes to wonder at my life, to bask in the in the people and joys given me, I find thankfulness even in the struggles. And everything starts to loosen.

I invite you today to take time, pause, and give voice to that which gives you joy. (And I would love it if you would share via the comment box.)

On my list today--
a beautiful sister married to a man worthy of her honor
a brother-in-law in love with my sister
little girls searching for dance partners
being close enough to my family to share the set-up and tear-down
being in the car with just my family-myself, husband, daughter
catching up and sleeping warm when he is able to join us
stuff and nothing: those words spoken softly between lovers while they slow dance


Amanda said...

Well, today I am greatful for my family and friends! Today is Bella's 5th birthday!! I can not believe my baby is five! And I thank God for giving her to us.. she was a blessing beyond what we ever expected. She changed me and helped me realize the potential that laid deep down inside me. The idea of being someone's mommy scared me so much when I was pregnant. And when I had her, the thought of caring for someone else turned my world upside down! But I loved her, and I knew we would be okay. Now, here we are 5 years later, and most everybody knows me as "Bella's Mom" and that's okay.. a matter of fact, I think I like it.
So I am thankful for my family, for a God that renews our strength in sometimes unexpected ways, and for friends that have been there when changes happen and things go crazy.

Michelle said...

I am thankful for...
two little girls are are quickly becoming best friends
a son who wants to marry his mama when he grows up
a husband who works hard to provide for us and never complains
a home that is small in size, yet filled with love
friends and family who love me in spite of my flaws
banana bread and sweet tea for breakfast, because I'm the mommy and I can! :)