Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Are you going shopping? I long to say no way, but before I know it, I will need something silly--milk, or bread--and out I will go. But no Christmas shopping for me, today, unless it is the in-my-pajamas internet version.

My mom has a hard time with Christmas shopping now that her children are grown and married. We buy what we need and, oftentimes want, unregulated by parental authority and pre-planning (I don't know how many times I have told Abigail that Christmas is coming and she doesn't need anymore toys right now).

My mother-in-law has requested that she receive nothing this year. We may make a donation in their names somewhere, while not nothing, she doesn't have to find a place for anything or wear something she isn't fond of.

Do you find Christmas shopping difficult? How are you handling it this year? Now that the full swing of things is on, how do you intend to stay sane?

(Is this a good time to remind you that December 9th is our next MOPS meeting and we will be having an auction then.)


Michelle said...

Ken went shopping this morning. He is a brave, brave man. We have been wishing for a trampoline and WalMart had a great deal. (Shh...don't tell the kids!)
Ken left at 5:30 am and returned at 7:30 am. He waited in line for at least an hour! His words were "You owe me big time." Thankfully, his dad was willing to come along and handle all the lifting, or we would not have been able to purchase it. (Ken's back is much better, but he isn't up to lifting 200 lb. boxes.)
It was Ken's first and presumably last Black Friday.

Amanda said...

EEK! Black Friday! I'm thankful to say we had all our shopping (for the kids) done before Thanksgiving! I've learned that when on a budget and buying for 3 kids it's a good idea to start as early as possible. I think I bought our first presents in September.
It really suprised me how crazy everything got this year! Jason told me a man actually died in NY!! He said the man worked at Wal*Mart and got trampled when he came to open the doors! Another employee at a different Wal*Mart got trampled and survived, but was "fighting for his life" Itsn't nuts how in this season of giving and brotherly love people are so quick to push another down to get a good deal. *sigh* boy oh days.