Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Night At Mops!

I am so excited about the number of moms we had tonite! It was just what I needed! I have had a long few days. Over the weekend, I had an accident that resulted in a sprained ankle, busted knee, and a sore body. Monday I stayed in the recliner and ate all day. This morning, I wondered if I was really up to going to Mops. I would have to wear an uncomfortable air cast, do my hair, and stop feeling sorry for myself. That was alot of work for me. So I decided to go anyway...

I pulled up and was the first one there. As I parked I saw Jen. We had a quick update of our lives and got to work. As we prepared for tonite, I realized how important it is that I be there. I needed to participate in the night that we prepare for all month. We email, meet, bounce ideas, etc. Alot of work. But most importantly, I realized that the friendships I have through the MOPS are the most important next to my family. As more moms entered, I felt the love that I have come to know with this group. I fit in! I am comfortable in my own skin with everyone.

Mops for me is more then a meeting once a month. It is friendships and support that I need to be a successful wife and mom. To see all us moms celebrating our moments and sharing is so encouraging and has helped change my long few days into a great enjoyable night.

See you next month!

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