Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Food for thought! & right in time for the Holidays.

"Let your dishes help tell your story"

When Rob & I married, I was told that I just had to register for China! I wasn't given a real reason, just that it was a "must" for brides to do. Not really expecting to actually acquire the beautiful, very expensive, a la carte pieced dinnerware that I picked with that little black scanner gun, I did. Much to my surprise, we did receive china, all of it! Apparently, it does fall under the "must have" inventory for more than I expected.
Well for many years, my beautiful china sat perfectly placed in a wondrous crafted china cabinet, where it was on display for all & ready for that "just right," "special" occasion. Just as it should be, right?!
After the birth of our first son, Ethan, and approaching the weekend of his first Birthday & Thanksgiving, we were given the honors of having our first traditional family Holiday meal in our first home. I was thrilled! I thought to myself, this is it! This is the "just right, so very special" moment that I have been waiting for! The china comes out today!
My husband was nervous for me...he knew the reserve I had placed on my china. The table was just about set....one more plate to go. Me, the new mother that I was, thought, why not let Ethan help....he has been so patient. "Ethan, would you like to help mommy with the last plate?!" His eyes beamed with joy..."Yes!" they said.."of course I want to help!" Ethan placed his tiny fingers upon the plate with mine and as we ever so gently attempt to place the plate on the table, Ethan could not resist his brute toddler force and newly found strength...the plate goes tumbling, crashing the the floor!
I Scream!... ETHAN!
Are you hurt?... Don't Move!
I pick Ethan up and squeeze him so tightly. All the while, turning around to see a smiling husband in the doorway. He smiles because he knows what has just happened. In the midst, I didn't even realize that it was one of my good "china" plates that laid in broken glass upon the floor.
It was motherhood that freed me from my "china" days. Don't get me wrong, I still love my China...I never replaced that plate. That year someone gave Ethan a "Baby's 1st Christmas" Collectors Plate, and that entered my China Collection to replace the one we broke together, to remind me of that day. And there are other imperfections that have happened since, and they too have stories attached to them.
So this Holiday, remember the good China is for the "just right" occasions, they happen more than you think though! And the good China is for "special" guests, but look around though, you have special guests everyday! Who is more special than yourself & your family?! Don't be afraid this Holiday to free those "special" dishes or "good" china because with each chip, comes a wonderful story of your life!

Happy Holidays!
~ Julia Joseph

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I really enjoyed this, Julia. :)