Monday, November 17, 2008

What People Do

I have a nasty tendency to critique things, especially people I love. It is easy for me to pick out what isn't done completely or to my standards or how their idiosyncrasies annoy me.Yet, when it comes right down to it, those closest to me really are wonderful people who bring me a great deal of joy. So today's task. . .be thankful, without qualification, for the people we share a home with.

Chris puts the dishes away and fills the dishwasher.
He doesn't make comment about when the dishes come out dirty because I won't rinse them.

Abigail is self-entertaining for a large part of the day.
She is a pleasant shopping buddy.

Chris can make Abigail quit crying because she can't come to our bed when I am about to lose my mind.
Abigail fell asleep this morning after coming to our bed and slept till 8:30.

When Chris fixes things, they are always done to the book.
Abigail can't be thankful for just one thing.
She doesn't have to think very hard at all to make her lists.

Chris thinks I'm a good cook.
He doesn't make me cook every night of the week.


Amanda said...

I love these blogs!
I am thankful for:
Jason being such a wonderful cook! And that he never complains when he comes home after a hard week and there's a sink full of dishes and toys all over the livingroom.

Bella having the most amazing faith I've ever seen! The way she tells me "It's okay Mommy! Just ask Jesus to fix it!"

Benny being so willing to help where ever he can! Holding open doors, throwing something away, putting his plate in the sink. He's a wonderful little helper!

Gia... for just being Gia! She always makes me feel loved and needed! Even when I'm angry with her for jumping on the couch she looks at me and gives me the biggest smile and I feel loved.

I'm just very thankful for the gifts God has given me with my family! =)

Julia said...

Right now in this moment...

My husband, is so much.
He is my confidence builder when it gets low.
He is my mind when I misplace mine.
He is my arm when mine are full.
He is my words when I should hold my tounge.
He is my strength when I am weak.

I think that we, as women, may tend to forget about all that men do for us...because of all that they do not do when it comes to the "to do " list. And me personally, oh.......

do I miss mine so.