Monday, November 10, 2008


It is Monday. If you are anything like me a week of tasks, chores, and a to-do list loom before you. It darkens my whole day. I resent the hours till the fun of the weekend come. It is time to name my blessings, to lift the cloud of to-dos and find the little joys hidden in the chores we are beginning for yet another week of 2008.

Oreo Cookies--
because they were on sale
because they are yummy
because FruitLoops are not adequate nutrition for a pregnant woman
because they create the best crummy lipstick smiles on little ones

Toddler Beds--
are the perfect size for jumping off of
add adventure to ballerina twirls
make waltzing across a room more fun
create weariness that welcomes naps

makes play dough
which means making plans,
needing rolling pins,
and cookie cutters

create room for mom to be
give quiet space for reading, or writing
make banking bearable
settle wombs and awaken growing babies

Are you ever hit with Monday's mondayness? What do you to to shake the discontent? Where do you find your blessings?

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