Friday, February 13, 2009

The Simple Things

Abigail calls them our thankfuls. The time we spend as a family giving one thing we are thankful for during the day in preparation for prayer. We can't skip them. Actually I don't think we would even for serious infractions. Today I will share my thankfuls.
  • A quiet house
  • Coffee and a donut
  • Genuine kindness
  • (not the grit your teeth because God wants kindness from His people kind)
  • Walking at the mall
  • Good naps for mom
  • Planned overnight babysitting
  • Bin of picked up toys
  • Meat thawed for dinner
What are your thankfuls?


Amanda said...

I am 'thankful' for:
at least one child that says 'Thank You' unprompted, no more diapers, plungers (we're still working on the approprate about of TP for a 2 year old), and nearly one whole year in my home! =)
I love doing these! Thanks, Sarah!

Wendy Gaither said...

This is a great idea before prayer, I think I might steal that from your family!
My thankfuls are:
• Being home with family after being gone from home for a week
• The love I feel from my family
• Baby Monitors
• Modern Medicine
• Pizza
• The opportunities I've had to really live in my life that I've taken.