Tuesday, February 24, 2009

.."oops" Moment

hello everyone!

want to first apologize for the mix up you see!! haha. Riley and I attended the MOPS day out today...bowling at manor lanes. haha. i know, it is really tomorrow. well, i know that now! it was a total "oops!" moment...but not until I was already home a while! we had a lot of fun though! i work tomorrow or i would join everyone then as well. (i must have made a mistake writting down the date originally.) i hope that tomorrow is a great turn out and that you all have a wonderful time!! i am attatching some pictures of today's adventure!
~ Julia

ps...can't wait to see everyone on thursday night at applebees for MOMS night out!

1 comment:

Julia said...

this "oops" moment does not top my one where i sat half way thru a Christmas play before realizing that my child was not going to be coming anytime soon...not his class!! haha.

granted, it was shortly after my surgery. but, it was one that my husband will not be letting me forget anytime soon!

what is your favorite "oops" moment?!