Monday, February 9, 2009

Revisiting Resolutions

In my thoughts throughout the first part of the year, I wanted to develop some rhythm. I didn't want simply routine. I wanted something more than a schedule.

I fumbled throughout January. Trying to find that thing called rhythm without routine and schedule. I fumbled.

Toward the end of the month Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary had me start thinking about that schedule and perhaps the wisdom of routine.

What about you do you have a housekeeping schedule? Do you keep time with you schedule or just have a general to-do list for the day?

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Julia said...

i tend to make a to-do list at the start of every day(i find lists everywhere! haha)....knowing that it all will not be crossed off. but that it will be a great guide! i know that it will be almost impossible to be crossed off completely because of i won't ever have the eight hands or four legs needed to humanly make it happen! i am known for over extending myself, so i am happy when i am simply organized in my head and getting a large portion of my list done.

i also like to remind myself that the best things in life happen unplanned & spontaneous...its those things that's usually not on my list and interrupt my progress, but it's ok. that day's list will get transferred to the next day's! haha