Thursday, February 12, 2009

No Excuse

Alright Ladies,

For those of you who claimed more than one love language, there is a handy-dandy little quiz right here.
The 30 Second Assessment. Incidentally, there is a quiz there about your apology language here.

The 5 Love Languages Quiz

and just for good measure, in case they are in conflict,
GreaterQuest-5 Love Languages Quiz.

Check it out and I expect reports :).


Neely said...

OK, Mine changed, my primary love language is physical touch. With words of affirmation and quality time not far behind. Interesting.

Amanda said...

Mine was right on.. Words of Affirmation with Gifts 2 points behind. Physical touch with a wopping 1 pt lol
Thanks for the extra information =)

Amanda said...
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Julia said...

Yep, my love language was the same...acts of service. I can't stop talking to everyone I see about the love languages since the meeting. haha! And my boys, all different! Makes a great difference, I think, in raising your children. It is a wonderful aide to have for us parents!