Friday, October 3, 2008


There is a blog I read, Holy Experience. It is beautiful and uplifting. One of the projects that Ann, the author, has started is a gratitude community. The idea is to find the many thousands of things to be grateful for in ordinary days. It is wonderful to read and it puts things into perspective on those EBay days I have (because sometimes on those days I want to put my entire life on EBay).

What do you think? Would you like to start our own little Uniontown MOPS gratitude community? Maybe we could pick a few days of the month and try to fill our days with thanksgiving while doing the dishes.

Today is the 3rd, so I'm thinkin' I'll list three things I'm grateful for and you can join in the comments.

little girls still in pink pajamas cutting paper into confetti sized pieces
excitement over princess panties even when they get wet, wet, wet
new houses


Donna said...


That is a great idea! I had an EBay day on Thursday. Lizzy was running around trying to get ready, Carmie was having his "I need only Mommy" moment, and my husband was calling to see if I needed anything on his way home. As I had my emotional meltdown with Carmie, I looked up and saw Lizzy. My eleven year old!!! Time stopped for me at that very moment. I just started to laugh and cry. I had to realize to appreciate the stress of the "I need only Mommy" moment. Those moments changed as Lizzy got older. Now I am needed for a broken heart, hurt feeling conversation or I need a cell phone talk. At least I am needed!

I appreciate the fact that I am loved so much by my family that I am needed, I appreciate the quiet moments that my husband and I share and I am thankful that God gives me all those moments.

Julia said...

October, 25th - Saturday

A very draining day...physicaly and emotionaly. I find this to be a wonderful time to discover this particular blog post! Thank you Sarah!

Today's List:

a "dead!!" mouse
pink panther
the library
young curious minds
free spirits
gentle kisses