Thursday, October 2, 2008

EBay Days

That is what I call them. Those days when my child seems to know where my buttons are and takes great joy in jumping on said button all day long.

Would I ever do it? Not on your life!

She is mine--button jumping and all--and I would fight to the death to keep her. But it is also nice to have some kind of expression for the days when nothing seems to go right in mothering. Saying it out loud gives voice to my very real feelings of being at the end, and something in those words works its way to God's ears and somehow, someway diffuses the situation with some humor and always an encouraged heart.

What about you? What is your expression? And how does it work?

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Julia said...

"Sorry, mommy is in a time out right now."

This statement usually does follow a brief lapse of control or loss of, it is only deserved, right?! Mommy deserves the same punishment for saying bad words, raising voices or speaking harshly, etc. Afterall, I know that I have more mirrors in my home than my bathroom & bedroom! Three of them move throughout the house...wherever I go.

So yes, I find myself, contrary to my three year old, treasuring my self given timeouts! I do not throw my fists about, screaming at the top of my lungs, fidgeting every minute that goes by as if someone is torturing me for my inner most toddler secrets!! I stand for a moment just silent for a moment or two .... if in the midst of what Sarah so perfectly pegs as an "Ebay Day", perhaps even a few minutes!!...and just tune out, draw deliberate blanks, become the ultimate daydreamer and oblivious to my surroundings. And for that moment, I know my children are safe..I know they are not going anywhere. They are too busy, too busy wondering if the drool coming down from my lip or the glaze across my eyes is a sign to get the phone and practice their ever so eager & trigger ready finger for that 911 call.

Atleast for the next minute or two...if anything is said, if anything makes it past my sound barrier that I have raised, my reply is "sorry, mommy is in a time out right now."