Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Plans

What does everyone have planned for a possibly soggy weekend?
Tomorrow we're going to the Cars, Crafts, and Kids Festival at the American Legion. It runs from 11-4ish with the kid's activities from 1-3.
Anything else interesting going on in the area?


Neely said...

We will be celebrating our son, JonJon's second birthday tonight. I can't believe my youngest is two! As for the weekend, it will be hanging out around the house on Saturday and I have a softball game on Sunday. I play for the Atlas America team. It's for my husband's work.

galderisi4 said...

We will be cleaning. I don't get to clean until Saturday because of working all week. I don't mind though.
Hopefully, tonite we will be having game night. We love playing Boggle!