Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mom's Grace

So, I've been thinking and I was remembering the Bingo game we played last week with "unshaven legs" as an entry. We all laughed with some relief when we found out how many people marked it off. How often do we give ourselves the same grace the ladies at our tables did when we admitted to having unshaven legs? Or how often is it a relief when we find out one of our friends hides her dirty dishes in the oven, too? Maybe, just maybe, part of the fun of this year at MOPS will be finding freedom in our imperfection and finding the grace spilling from other moms into those very insecure parts of our lives. How encouraging to think of practicing the gift of grace for an entire school year!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this blog. As a mom of a busy preteen and a toddler, I often feel there aren't enough hours in a day. With work, daily demands and being what my husband and kids need/want, I often feel overwhelmed. Last week in a discussion with my husband, I used the phrase "feeling like I was drowning." Through much prayer and silent time (during the night of course) God spoke to my heart. I need to quit seeing the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, as "failures" in my eyes. I need to focus on what God wants me to be doing with my family. Of course, I have to do the laundry and dishes. BUT if things aren't done when I WANT and HOW I WANT(control issues here) it will be okay. My house will survive!
I recently read "The Power of a Praying Wife." It used scripture to stress that God wants us to take care of us as much as we take care of our families. At times I think we need reminded of this. The whole year of MOPS will be reminding us just how much God loves us and wants us to take care of ourselves!