Friday, September 19, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Thanks Sarah for getting be on, after the third attempt! Yeah!

My week. . .

With my 4 year old going on 13 and my 2 1/2 year old going on 18, it's been a trying few days for me!

Sleepless nights, temper that is out of control, attitudes that are not good, and new frustrations seem to be waiting around every corner! That's just me! Not my kids - ha!

This morning God reminded me in His humorous way - to not forget to laugh!

Being very chilly this morning (not sure about all of you, but when I don't sleep well, I'm extra cold!) I cranked up the heat and Ethan and I sat on the floor by the vent and ate Trix. After filling his bowl and my hand, I sat the box of Trix up on the counter above his head. The box didn't appear to set just right, but of course I ignored it. That box did not like being ignored and before I knew it, fell over and Trix proceeded to rain down all over Ethan! (Did I mention a BRAND NEW just opened box! There is NO 5 second rule in a house with 1 dog and 3 cats - sorry. YUCK!) In the midst of Ethan having a baffled look of "What just happened mommy?!" and the dog racing to stake her claim, and my frustration trying to return at full force, I could only laugh and laugh and laugh. It felt good! You know what, it's contagious! Ethan started laughing too! Then Brenna had to see what was up and well "Ms. Clean" felt the need to point out the mess (that's for another blog!) but after a few seconds began to laugh too! All was well and fun again. . .well for about an hour anyway. . .then well. . .never mind, I'm think of that hour . . .oh that hour . . .love that hour!

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