Thursday, November 12, 2009


"Today I am thankful for..."

... my daughter's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. B. It eased my mind greatly after meeting with her today. I feel calmer, I feel that my daugher is safer and cared for in her hands, when she is away from me.

...a new friendship that is becoming dear to me and I can see develop into a lasting one!

... Honey Roasted Peanuts from Girl Scouts (not really). I am thankful that someone made them SO delicious! I enjoyed (over the course of two days) practically an entire 8 oz can by myself! I am not thankful for where that enjoyment will show up on my body!

...a belly laugh I got from my son.

...a request to be my daughter's twin for Twin Day tomorrow at school! We have matching shirts and even though I won't be there at school with her, she still wants mommy to be her twin! those moments! friend Jenn, who seems to always know when I need to vent!

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