Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today I am Thankful For...

Thanksgiving is exactly 2 weeks away!!
I hope that you all enjoyed reading the "Mom Thanks" in the November newsletter. I would like to continue that up until Thanksgiving on our blog!

I truly believe it can be the little things that save our days and our sanity! Those things that may seem so simple that we easily overlook them, don't acknowledge them, may not even realize that the thought, the item, the prayer we shot up quickly, the smile we received, the giggle we heard, the chocolate we ate was our saving grace!
Perhaps if we shared those moments with each other, not only would we become more aware of our daily blessings but maybe we would remember to be more aware of them in our own lives and shoot up a prayer of thanks to the One who gave that moment to us!

If you have one thing that sticks out today that you are thankful for or you have 5, 10, or 15 share them with us! Email them to and they will be posted shortly!

Being moms, what we are thankful for can change on an hourly basis!

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