Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Night

My house is always a mess Sunday night. Always. I don't know how to fix it, but after the weekend and the ways weekends free me from the regular routine, disaster is sometimes not to serious a word.

Then Monday comes and groceries and miscellaneous necessities find their way into the . . . kitchen and by Monday afternoon, I am
  1. making dinner around a great multitude of stuff waiting to be put away, or
  2. putting away the stuff and peacefully making dinner (wait that is in my dreams), or
  3. putting away stuff and near tears asking to go out for dinner.
Does anyone else have this dilemma? If you don't, what is your secret?

1 comment:

Julia said...

My house ends up like that on many days...not just one day could be singled out, haha. It's just not one location either! One time it may be the entryway under fire, then the laundryroom next week, then my bedroom...well, my bedroom is always underfire actually, haha. That is one thing that I feel I should work on. We as women always put ourselves last...our bedroom often included. That room should be a relaxing, safe haven at the end of the day! I am going to try to reclaim that space!
Back to the matter at hand...I always just try to remember that it is ok if everything isn't perfect. I try to get big baskets to organize..and often get bigger baskets to help keep up with the growing family! Much love...have a great weekend everyone!!