Thursday, January 8, 2009


So, I was reading yesterday about year naming at Holy Experience. (I really like her blog, really, really.) She talked about giving this new year a name, sort of a focus. A way of numbering our days, ordering the time before us. She is far more poetic than I am and I encourage you to read her words on the subject.

What name would I give this new year?

I have so many things I want to do, changes I want to see occur in my life. Is there one defining focus, a unifying point of reference in all the jumble? A name that if given to this year would beautifully package and enable all the questions and heart cries I have during this time of newness.

There are many words I have been mulling over in this middle ground of end and beginning:
order, routine, peace, discipline, present, rhythm.

I will name 2009 Rhythm. More than order and routine, rhythm implies presence and peace, discipline and joy. Rhythm is a word to be shared as this year is time to be shared. Rhythm hints at the sacred.

Do you have resolutions? Do you have a name for the year?

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